Seed Planting !!

Today my little helpers and I got stuck into some seed planting. We didn’t finish everything we had in the “to plant” container but we did get about a dozen varieties of Veges and herbs done.




As you can see we are reusing seedling containers we have used many times over, some of which will have to be thrown out after this season as they have been very sun damaged and have become very brittle.

I also just use cut up lids from ice cream or butter containers to make into seed tags. When everything has been planted and labelled I popped them into my little hothouse 🙂

Then we went to bunnings to pick up some supplies, seeds and plants for ourselves as well as Tzara and Michael who were about to build their first vege patch at their new house.


Then rather than go home we went to their house and supervised lol They did a great job and will hopefully get some nice veges too 🙂



Hopefully we will finish planting seeds tomorrow and get in the few seedlings we bought today. I also grabbed some bags of compost to mix with my own compost to dig through the garden beds to give them some more life, ready for when the seedlings are ready to be planted out.


Planting Fruit Trees

So maybe planting them on the first 26 degree day in spring wasn’t such a fabulous idea, but I had to get them in the ground before they grew too much more!!!

Oh yes, Max the cat was a little tired after playing outside all day and helping plant the trees so had to have a bit of a nap…